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08/06/2018 7:04 PM EST

After months of planning and preparation, we are proud to finally announce Brigade Esports. Founded by Daniel Crothers, a U.S. Disabled Veteran, it establishes one of the only, if not the only, Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Esports teams active today.

Built with a foundation of community, giving and competition, Brigade is created with these tenants built in. Established with the motto, “Do The Right Thing,” the structure is created in such a way to make sure everyone in the organization is given the tools and support needed to excel.

With an emphasis on people over profit, it’s a dynamic shift from current esports organizations active today.

Brigade Esports CEO/Founder Daniel Crothers had the following statement:

“Many months of work and research have lead us to this day. Brigade Esports has many things built into it’s core that other esports teams simply do not. With a dedication to our people first, I feel we are starting a sort of paradigm shift in the esports community. We have many things to bring you in the coming months and we are excited to be apart of the next generation of esports organizations.”

Today we also are releasing information on our first competitive team, Brigade Esports Rocket League. Our first entry into the esports community, it will help create the groundwork for future teams in our organization.

Please welcome your Brigade Rocket League Roster:

  • Jon “titan_stylez” Closterman
  • Abdul “Abix”
  • Devon “Bahula”
  • Saul “Sawhater” Berish

We only see great things coming for Brigade Esports, it’s fans, it’s supporters and community.